Aaron Eckhart Defends Planet Invasion In "World: The Battle Of Los Angeles "

Aaron Eckhart ("The Dark Knight), molten lead in Columbia Pictures' World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles as Sergeant Nantz, a career Marine who is" burned enough, "she says. On the verge of retirement, he pressed again. "It 's the leader of a group of young marines fighting aliens in Los Angeles, he does so reluctantly, but it's just the kind of hero, I like to watch."

Director Jonathan Liebesman Eckhart calls "one of the most amazing actors of our time. It was a coup for Aaron in the movie" the director adds. "Aaron gives away an incredible depth to his character. You think follow these guys anywhere. "

"Aaron is a phenomenal actor and a very generous contributor - he took the role fully and never gives up," says Liebesman. "His character, Nantes, is hard and impenetrable. I could not imagine someone else take that role and make it as rich and complex. "

Before shooting, and the cooperation Liebesman Eckhart filming of a day that set the tone for the entire production: the result was a short-reel, which led to the vision Liebesman fire and put it on display for all to see. "He asked me to come to this day ... - I had no idea what could be Let me tell you, I'm confused We had full uniforms, we had guns, we had a helicopter, we had the Humvee, the whole place was covered with dirt It 'was amazing - Jonathan was an implacable vision of the film. "

Eckhart has thrived in his first science fiction action movie. Immediately led to the formation and worked his body in the best shape of his life. He became well versed in firearms, thanks to training he received from military advisers. It has even developed what he calls a "love-hate relationship" with his helmet, and at the end of shooting, began to refer to military gloves "best friends."

To help prepare for his role as Marine Corps, the filmmakers cast members fell in a field of three weeks of intensive training with the Marines and retirees. They have no telephones, no television, internet and without any contact with the outside world.

"Boot Camp is interesting," said Eckhart. "I'm glad we did because it was essentially an exercise period of three weeks. We had three Marines have been in boot camp and we all slept in the same tent and ate big together. We were unified. We ate rations and all our courses during the day, we acted as a squad of Marines -. I was a staff sergeant, so I screw around, and they He hated my guts was invaluable, especially when it came to weapons -. know how to keep, what you need to do to go with it and how to be a cohesive unit on the way down the street. It has really helped, because when it came time to shoot, Sergeant Major Dever simply say "Ok, you're patrolling the area," and we know how to act. "