'Rango' Invades Cinemas March 9

The American West has seen all manner of rough-and-tumble, outsider heroes, but Rango is a whole new breed: a tiny chameleon with a huge heart on an epic quest to save a town like no other, as he transforms himself into the high-falutin’ legend he once only pretended to be.

The western U.S. has seen all kinds of rough-and bedding, a hero from the outside, but range is a new breed: a small chameleon with a big heart on an epic quest to save a city like no another, as becomes a high falutin legend ever pretended to be.

Directed by Gore Verbinski, the helmsman of the Caribbean Pirates epic series, starring Oscar ® nominee Johnny Depp in the title role of large color, tips Rank hat an icon of the West, then turn on the genre through the wild salmon, yet time, mustering his adventure laced with eye-popping as irreverent humor, heart and character, because it is a raucous activity. cinema audiences, dusty ride in a different world fantasy, dry, edge-of-the-desert city operates a unique off-beat collection of creatures, creatures and threatens to corrupt - all brought to life by the team and storytellers, and the whole movie for some of the most popular artists.

The story begins with range, after a life as a family pet to see the world pass through the walls in a glass terrarium, is lost in the Mojave Desert, which covers the last bastion of the Far West Dirt , a city as grainy as its name. Range expected to be mixed, but quickly even in a population that includes a mayor of a turtle, a rattlesnake renegade steal bank prairie dogs, gunslinger and the Gila monster lizard rank first woman ever has known. Range involuntarily becoming new sheriff in town dry and his last hope of hydration, knows he is in a lot of problems. Tradition says that the good do not last long in the land but is willing to rank money luck because he formed his own path to become the only thing that even a chameleon can not claim: a real hero agreement.

Rango is the first animated release from Verbinski, who has turned the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will be an exciting, modern fairy tale of a common public worldwide. Now he brings the same sense of daring fun of another kind of story - a comic chameleon quixotic journey to the West robust set so real you can taste the dust tongue. Rank also the first time, the digital wizards is an award-winning special effects house Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is an animated film. Using their experience in the film loved action adventures, will create its original appearance.

"Rangos is the story of a lizard on a quest for identity and the story of how he became a legend," says Verbinski. "It's a spicy Pistole a story that has humor , romance, emotion and lots of surprises Rangos is a character larger than life -. Some Hunter S. Thompson, part Don Knotts - and Johnny Depp steps into his boots and give him a sort of grandeur with all the fat pistons firing. "