Director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland State of Play) is back with his latest work, The Eagle, a historical drama takes place in Roman times under British control. Fans of the early second century, who devoted a significant portion of their life to understanding the various tribal movements, political situations and the general feeling among the tribes and the Romans occupied the British can probably find moments of fun and informative. For the other 99 percent of us are The Eagle and the predictable, uninspired film that manages to offer an entertaining, in spite of himself.

The eagle is not a bad film, which refers to the height of the flashes of the potential it represents. There are simply too many issues that do not go anywhere, and the film seems sure that he is trying to call. Even the action scenes are interesting highly modified - perhaps to ensure the PG-13 - for fans of the action is a little funny. There are some historical details are interesting, but quickly went silent for lovers of history will be left behind. There is a relationship between the two main characters who begin as enemies and have to respect each other, but not handle as well, so fans are left feeling overwhelmed predictable dramas. And it's an eagle in a word - several interesting elements that are not based on the movie that wants to be.

Now all that being said, there are still moments of pleasure can be squeezed from the Eagle. The plot is derivative and predictable, but not a bad thing. Acting varies, but it is a complex solid. The film is also quite strong, and it seems (filmed in England, Hungary and the Scottish Highlands) is impressive. Although the film never returns, or will never break. History buffs with an interest in Roman or ancient history of England is likely to enjoy this film - as long as they do not seem very deep detail. Eagle is good for many things, but I feel that it is better the story is just below the surface.

Something strange happened on the way to Britain

In the year 140 AD, the acceptance of a young Roman centurion his first command, and request to receive the amazing northernmost part of the Roman Empire, in what would one day become England. It was a crazy time, with nearly one o'clock tea or a biscuit to be, and Hadrian's Wall marked the border of the known world. In addition, tribes of people who would one day bring their genetic heritage is the modern English and Scottish people resisted the influence of Rome. The rebellions were frequent, and 20 years earlier on the whole legion of 5,000 ninth man disappeared with his imperial Roman eagle, shame to all of Rome.

Roman Eagle took off to Rome, and the disgrace of losing it echoed through the commander of the Ninth Legion family, when the stain on the reputation of his son, the new commander, Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum). After his speech, Aquila quickly earns the respect of her husband in battle, but suffers a terrible wound in the process, which, in its discharge of Parliament.

During his convalescence at home with his uncle (Donald Sutherland) Aquila, he witnesses a battle between a gladiator arena and a British slave name ECSA (Jamie Bell) who honor and courage Aquila impress so he intercedes for the slave to save his life. ECSA and Aquila personal slave, and will reimburse the Roman in his life, he hates on principle.

In Aquila is recovering from his wounds, he hears rumors of a lack of Eagle in the possession of a tribe in the north. Take the reluctant Esca as a guide and set the north of Hadrian's Wall to find out what happened to his father, the eagle back and regain his family honor.

 Based on the novel of 1954, Eagle Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff, the Eagle is the main story of ESCA and Aquila. Self-motivated ploy eagles movie made, but the focus becomes more immediately the two men, each in a different culture should be wary of others, and how to learn to work together. The details are a bit 'different, but it is a story you've seen many times, in different environments, where war and hatred prompted the two separate groups.

One of the most striking things the public will notice about The Eagle is that the majority of Romans speaks with an American accent. It was an unwritten rule that when they play an adaptation of ancient Roman life lay speak with a British accent, if the actors are Americans, Australians, etc. So, to hear the actors representing the Romans with an American accent is aware and it comes off. This is a modern piece of symbolism, and is strengthened by the relationship between Aquila and ECSA, representing modern America, and many countries that the U.S. now have a military presence is an interesting parallel, but never quite goes anywhere, thanks to action-oriented ending. If anything, the film events in favor of the expansion of the United States, whose symbolism is intended to be a recurring theme throughout the movie.